DBS Releases the Client DB Advantage Package

With our customer database solution, you collect important information from your customers and put them in a centralized database. These could include the customer's profile, buying habits, order information, and other details of your transactions with the customer.

By using this information from your database, you can:

  • Forecast your customer requirements and increase marketing and selling opportunities.
  • Focus on your customer needs and gain a deeper understanding of the customer.
  • Analyze the data and identify the most profitable customers.
  • View customer patterns and respond to customer inquiries faster.

Our Customer Database solution allows you to manage your relationship with your customers. It is designed to understand and anticipate the needs of your customers, thus allowing you to increase customer satisfaction. It allows you to access information about your customers to better understand and anticipate their needs, and thus shorten your sales cycle.

Product Overview

System Manager

  • Import records from EXCEL, text files, MS Outlook, accounting packages or ODBC databases
  • Exports reports to EXCEL or MS Word
  • Supports unlimited customers, vendors, transactions, orders or projects
  • Password protection
  • Enter codes used in the database
  • Industry-specific customized fields


  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Customer contact information
  • Define customer requirements
  • Define service requests
  • Define industry-specific information
  • Send e-mails directly
  • Track marketing calls, notes
  • Search capability
  • Links to customer website

Orders, Transactions or Projects

  • Track customer transaction or order details
  • Customer order history tracking
  • Track labor hours by project, employee or customer
  • Search capability


  • Mailing Labels and Pre-formatted letters
  • Marketing Activity
  • Business Production Reports
  • Export to EXCEL, MS Word
  • Export to HTML


  • Multiple Address Handling
  • Contact Names
  • Requirements

Add-On Modules

  • Payment Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Industry Specific Customized Fields


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